I’m Renee, the artist and owner of Deco Reverie Studios. My own wedding story propelled my passion for photographing people, primarily couples and women.

My husband and I eloped after having to reschedule our wedding 3x because of Covid. It was a rainy, cold and gray day in November. Our photographer made us feel like rockstars and delivered artistic and breathtaking images that I cherish. It was a perfectly imperfect day, with us taking a carriage ride and then hitting up our favorite Chinese restaurant.


You value ‘in the moment’ experiences. You want to look back & relive your wedding day through photos.

We kick things off by setting intentions for the time we spend together. You'll come to learn that your wedding photos are not your memories, but an interpretation of my own.

This is the most vulnerable service you will hire for your wedding & elopement experience. 

You need to vibe & trust your photographer. I am here to not only make you feel like rock stars, but deliver breath taking, show stopping, tear worthy images.


I’m just a midwest transplant living in the green mountains of Vermont. My love of cinematic photography came from moments in TV & Movies. 

My photography is built around inclusion - from all bodies, sexual orientation, abilities and backgrounds. Love is love, and I am here to photograph it.

My love language? Texting hilarious videos or cute animal reels to you.

My favorite go to beauty product? The lipstick “Ruby Woo”, by Mac cosmetics. The red lipstick has always been my go to - making me feel like a filmstar. 

My all time favorite kiss? When Nick and Jess kissed for the first time in “New Girl” - holy shit, the heat almost melted my TV screen. I almost fainted. My jaw dropped. 

My favorite road trip foods: sour patch kids and chocolate covered pretzels.

I am obsessed with boudoir photography and the experience I offer in the studio. My client wardrobe is inclusive and full of incredible couture and high end lingerie brands. I want everyone to have the look they envision, feeling totally badass and sexy. 

I am a total podcast junkie. I love paranormal and true crime podcasts.

We have 4 dogs that we love to spend our time with in the mountains or on the farm with our horses.


"10/10 RECOMMEND!"

“My time with Renee was absolutely amazing. She was my #1 cheer coach, working with me to gently direct my poses in a way that felt natural and authentic. She creates a space where you can feel empowered, sexy, and at ease. Her creativity and willingness to collaborate shines through in her work. I 10/10 recommend booking a photoshoot with Renee of Deco Reverie Studios even if you have ZERO modeling experience, (like myself!) Renee will make you feel like you've been doing this for years."



Deco Reverie Studios offers bougie Boudoir packages for those daring to discover self love, empowerment and total bad-ass babe vibes (lasting for a lifetime). 

Total Inclusivity | LGBTQS2+ 
All bodies are boudoir bodies

Session Fees Starting @ $850