ready to live your unforgettable elopement?

You're a couple who needs intimate moments, values genuine emotions & dream of a kick ass elopement that's totally all about your love.

By now, I am sure you've noticed that not every photographer 📸 understands your vision...

Hey! I'm renee, Your #1 Hype Creative

And I am here, fiercely committed to understanding every piece of your elopement vision!

Here's the thing: I am here to ensure your elopement is documented in the most heartfelt and stunning way possible 🤩

Why should you choose me above everyone else? 

We laugh until tears are running down our faces... It's about the fun & feelings that we create during your elopement (emotions make the photos). 

My goal is to meet your partnership with creativity, passion & total collaboration... it's about your experience.

Your vibe? Removing the stress of a major wedding, all while choosing to celebrate this moment (it should still feel totally epic, and I am sooo here for helping create and support.

Ready to buck tradition together?

Matt & I during our elopement

it's not just about the photos...

You NEED a dynamite time together - You are coming to me to buck tradition, not to have a lame elopement! 

With my expertise, we'll craft a day that's not only beautifully captured, but filled with total adventure that represents you as a team, friends & lovers. 

it's about the elopement experience


"Renee KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! She made us feel sexy & confident (something we have never felt before in front of a camera). 

She helped us source a vintage hot rod & created the most amazing photos, IN A PARKING LOT! 

She gave us direction, confidence and professionalism. She was wild in all the best ways and helped make amazing memories. "

Katelynn & Alex


  • Plan your entire adventure - it's all about you two! You probably haven't planned this level of awesome-ness before (That's why I'm here!). The "Devil is in the details" aka your elopement has a lot of moving parts. I get to know you as a couple & help curate the best day (full of photos). 

  • Location scout- because an elopement in the "X" is different from a wedding in the "X" (plug in where your elopement will take place)... Weather, lighting, accessibility in wedding attire... all big things that I take into consideration when coming up with Plan A, B & C... 

  • Put you in contact with some of the best elopement vendors- Have questions about who will do your makeup? Where to get flowers? The best place for tacos at 2am after your elopement? I gotcha boo. My "frien-dors" are the best of the best, and totally unique people (just like you as a couple).

I've gotcha covered

The support you need, minus asking me to be your maid of honor...

  • Because you most likely have loved ones who want to see your experience, I get sneak peeks within 48 hours of our time together.

  • Within 6 weeks, I deliver a digital gallery, where you can share, download your memories.

  • Complimentary curation of heritage and heirloom keepsakes, from fine art prints to customizable photo albums. hairstylists).

After the Day

  • Transportation to and from locations by Renee and Team

  • A constant hype team to keep you in the moment as well as capturing all the epic emotions (this isn’t a photo shoot, it’s your wedding day).

  • Communication with cohosting vendors to make seamless experiences.

Day of Experience

Planning Process Support

  • Couple’s questionnaire & guides – All the details to learn more about how to curate an eclectic experience and dynamite timeline.

  • Timeline development calls and day before connection meeting in person. A meal, a chat and timeline review.

  • Permit acquiring and location scouting by Renee (allowing for plan A & B to remove the “what do we do now?”).

  • Sourcing connections of local vendors that can work with you on the finer details. (JP’s, Florists, Restaurants, Hotel Arrangements, MUA & hairstylists).

What's Included


  • Digital gallery & USB keepsake
  • Online print and album curation services
  • Client resource guides & consult meetings
  • Photography permits for venue or state park coverage
  • Custom timeline coverage
  • Liability insurance 
  • Location scouting (finding the perfect locations ahead of time - for you).


The packages
At a glance

Full Day Experience 

Partial Day Experience

  • All of the goodies listed above PLUS a curated fine art album.
  • High-light video reel
  • Up to 12 hours of coverage 

Starting at $6900

Micro Experience

  • All of the goodies listed above 
  • A fine art print of choice
  • Up to 8 hours of coverage  

Starting at $5800
  • All of the goodies listed above 
  • Up to 4 hours of coverage 
  • Printing credit 

Starting at $3700

the packages

Coverage Time: Spending the entire day together, creating a story with your pictures that shows all the epic moments.
Couples can choose to take breaks throughout to get some R&R in. 

The Elopement Vibe: This package is great for couples who want to make the most of their elopement experience. Whether you're staying close to home, going across the country or traveling abroad, this package checks the boxes. The full day coverage offers opportunity to fit in multiple events, surrounding your closest inner circle of guests.

Elopement Experience

The Deets:

  • 12 hours of photography coverage
  • Video highlight reel (2-5 mins)
  • Package covers my travel fees within New England
  • Fine art album or fine art print services
  • Day before connection meal
  • Day of travel support (for 2)
  • Coverage starts from Sunup to Sundown & can be split for breaks.


starting at $6900 USD


Sunrise to Sunset | 12 hours of coverage


Coverage Time: We've got 8 awesome hours to spend together, snapping photos of your vows, exploring epic spots and taking in local cantenas. 

The Elopement Vibe: Calling all my lovebirds from the Northeast and beyond! This photo package is perfect if you dream of beginning or ending your elopement day with a stunning sunrise or sunset.

We'll experience a breathtaking sunrise or sunset, have lots of little adventures or go on one epic journey. It's like stepping into your favorite movie or TV show - every moment is an exciting adventure! 


PARTIAL DAY COVERAGE | THE Adventure Elopement Experience

The Deets:

  • 8 hours of photography coverage
  • Package covers my travel fees within New England
  • fine art print
  • Day before connection meal
  • Day of travel support (for 2)


starting at $5800 USD




Session Fee starting at $3700 USD

Coverage Time: Spend 4 fantastic hours with your creative partner. We'll capture intimate vows, explore an awesome location of your choice and catch a fabulous meal together.

The Elopement Vibe: If you're planning to elope in the New England, this package "just fits". Imagine being in a historical mountain town, checking out a short hiking trail or relaxing with a fancy picnic or a cozy dinner at an 1800's style inn.

Intimate Adventure Elopement Experience

The Deets:

  • 4 hours of photography coverage
  • Day before connection meal
  • Day of travel support (for 2)

* For Elopements within New England & NY Only 


Are you ready to create together?

  • Once your discovery call wraps up, you can expect a photography services quote, contract and invoice for your retainer fee. 

  • Return documents and retainer 

  • We kick things off by scheduling a timeline development consult call, covering; location opportunities and activities that you can't wait to do. 

book your

  • Grab your sweetie, some snacks & log onto our 'Google Meets' meeting

  • Let's connect on what you both want to feel, experience and remember about your elopement

  • Let's figure out what will be the right fit for your custom elopement photography package.  


  • Connect by filling out the questionnaire on the 'CONTACT PAGE'.

  • Check your inbox for my 'Welcome email" - where you can see my more in depth pricing guide, calendar link for your discovery call & bonus posing guide

how to kick things off

Get in touch

What do we do with all this time?

The possibilities are endless - here are just a few ideas:

Cape Cod weekend – from clambakes to beach moments with your closest friends around a bonfire. I'm obsessed with the idea of creating a story around the “Last Great American Dynasty” (my Taylor Swift squad will know the reference and vibe). Think, Retro car, 60’s eye liner and possibly hints of Lana Del Ray. Don’t forget the vintage convertible ride.

Planning the ultimate romantic weekend at Paws Up Dude Ranch (Greenough, Montana). The resort offers glamping, luxe cabins, and all things of a workingranch. Couples enjoyed horseback riding in the mountains, local fly fishing and all the hiking photos.

Imagine hanging out in Banff (Alberta, Canada) for a cool long weekend. Couples get to explore epic national parks, see beautiful blue lakes, colorful fall leaves and the amazing Rocky Mountains. It's perfect for those who love skiing, hiking and cheing out nature and wildlife. And hey, don't miss our on the relaxing spas, fancy restaurants, and tasty Canadian micro-brews. It's a blast!


Spending a day in Sedona, during the winter months - seeing all the bright desert colors. It's the prefect change to tour famous spots like Cathedral Rock, Red Rock Crossing and Oak Creek. We can enjoy the cool Southwest vibes with yummy Mexican food and margaritas, all while watching a beautiful sunset or sunrise. 

Visiting Conway Castle in Wales is like stepping into a history book! It;s a place full of old towers and big walls, perfect for exploring a real UNESCO World Heritage Site. Super grande, romantic and impactful, for sure.

Imagine spending a day in Reyinsfjara (Iceland), with it's famous black sand beaches. With it's dark sand, crashing waves and often gray skies, couples take in the mysterious and eclectic vibes. 


Whale watching off the cost of Boston, followed by a Michelin star dinner out on the town.

Sailboat tour of Portland’s coast (Maine), followed by slow dancing on the beach
and a champagne toast with loved ones.

Explored hiking trails in Stowe (Vermont) and enjoyed a beautiful sunset dinner.


What you won't find here...

Deco Reverie Studios does not believe in the following:

  • Sending you 10,000 images in your gallery. Why?! Because I don't want to take away from your experience of absorbing amazing photos (This isn't an instagram feed!). Your gallery shouldn't be full of 'so-so' or redundancy. It should be full of intentional and exceptional images. 

  • Leaving you to plan the experience alone... 95% of my couples have never planned an elopement. From legal paperwork to the best places to hold your vow exchange - we work together. 

  • Couples who are obsessed with traditional wedding day photos - You're eloping! Let's get creative, romantic and cinematic! Let's knock the socks off of this elopement! 

  • Timelines that leave you wanting more... Because the court house & photos vibe ain't cutting it, expect to make this super intentional. 

*** Side note: I do take the photos for Grandma's mantel. I am not a monster (She needs at least 5 photos to be totally happy). 

  • Gone are the days where an elopement means "A quick courthouse ceremony & we are done". Invite those who bring out your authentic selves!

  • Where I have seen the happy median? Keeping guest counts under 10 people. 

  • Being with friends on your amazing day is a great way to celebrate, party and create the most amazing experience and memories! 

My elopement couples are not just bucking traditional weddings, but also elopements too!

Can we invite our friends?

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For the wanderlust elopement experience

Deco Reverie Studios serves clients all over the world
some amazing places we are heading to in 2024 & 2025:

Banff, Alberta Canada
Svartifoss, Iceland
Swansea, Wales

Elopement Locations DECO REVERIE STUDIOS frequently serves clients in:

New Hampshire
New York



How many elopements does DRS do in a year?

Great question! Because I have a boutique business style, I only take 3 elopements per month. It keeps me and my team fresh and serving our clients creatively. 

What is your most popular package? 

The 8 hour experience is the most popular package - It allows for couples to plan a full experience, without feeling like they can't have private or relaxing moments scheduled into their day. It's perfect for New England Elopements.

How did you get into Elopements? 

I actually eloped myself! My husband and I planned 3 weddings, only to become frustrated with covid cancellations and family drama. I was stressed out & just wanted to be married. 

The only thing I regret about eloping? 

Not having a fuller day planned out, full of experiences, and having my photographer join us further past ceremony photos.

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Boudoir babes, 
It's time!

Brides. Bad-ass Beauties. Self empowering queens...

Boudoir Babes within the New England region (and beyond) - Join Renee of Deco Reverie Studios for the ultimate experience. From newbies to seasoned pros, this is the space to discover yourself.