Congratulations on this journey towards my favorite form of photography! Things that I feel are important when booking your boudoir photography experience <3

  1. Pricing – I would look at the photographers experience. I would make sure to honor your budget, but also consider this: A free or budget photographer vs. a professional with working systems and portfolio with recommendations… Who are you trusting your private and intimate photos? Pricing for the actual session vs. paying on the back end for prints and albums is also an option. My clients can expect to pay into the lower 4 digits. It’s because I put my heart, resources and talents to making sure you and possible partner have a safe, fun and empowering experience.
  2. Make sure there is a contract in the photography booking process. Model Releases are great, and I love working with people who allow for me to use my judgment when showcasing my work – however, if you’re not into sharing your images, make sure your contract protects you and your images.
  3. Do they have a client wardrobe or styled options? Is there a pre-session consultation call? What about a questionnaire? All these services offer insight to who you are as a client, and shows that your photographer wants to understand what environment and style is going to work best for your vision.
  4. Share your location with a friend or family member – bonus points if you have an emotional support hype friend! You’re tackling a really venerable experience. Lots of people feel more comfortable with their person encouraging and cheering you on. No worries if you are flying solo – my team is always your #hypequeens
  5. Print, Create and Honor your images – Make sure you are talking about print services and the labs that the photographer works directly with. I have 2 print labs that I work with regarding Fine Art Prints and Albums. You made the effort to have your boudoir experience outstanding – now let’s make sure you and your creative partner trust the credibility and standards of the end product manufacture.
  6. Talk about your vision. Talk about what you want to wear. Listen to the Photographer on what items will work best for boudoir bodies.
  7. Ask how your photographer likes to communicate – are they more of a coach or a fly on the wall? What do you need to make sure you are enjoying yourself?

More tips and tricks coming your way! I am so pumped to launch our new boudoir centric podcast, focusing on all things boudoir history, women’s rights, and the beauty industry.

See you in the studio!


Renee w/Mirror Image Photography – New England, LLC

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