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Banff, Alberta Canada Elopement Photographer.

Hey there, lovebirds planning your dream elopement! Let’s dive into why your elopement photographer is not just a camera wizard but your ultimate adventure partner, hype queen, and so much more. Get ready to find out how Deco Reverie Studios turns your elopement into an epic, unforgettable experience!

Couple eloping in a National Park in Banff, Canada

 1. Your Personal Hype Royalty

Me as your elopement photographer? Think of me as your personal cheerleader and 3rd wheel extraordinaire! My team and I are there to pump you up, bring out those natural smiles, and make you feel like rockstars. We are all about celebrating your love and making sure your confidence shines through in every photo.

Previous clients rave about how my team is able to “read the room” – from cheering and laughing alongside you to quietly giving space for our couple’s to take in a sunset moment, we want you to be present and really in “the feels”.

Couple Eloping in National Park in Banff Canada. Elopement Photographer. Mountain photographer.

 2. The Timeline Genius

Worried about how the day will unfold? Fear not! My team isn’t just about the snaps; they’re your timeline development guru. We’ll help you craft a schedule that maximizes your day’s potential, ensuring you get those dreamy shots with the perfect light, all while keeping things chill and enjoyable.

From baking your own wedding cake and touring museums to exploring national parks and dancing under the stars, we connect in the planning process and make this YOUR experience. Elopements are not meant to be cookie cutter.

 3. Destination Detective and Location Scout Extraordinaire

Not sure where to elope? Your photographer is on it! They’re like your personal location detective, scouting out the most breathtaking spots that you probably didn’t even know existed. Plus, I’ve got the lowdown on all the nitty-gritty details like permits and licenses, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.

** We don’t have a crystal ball on weather, traffic conditions and life’s unexpected… hence why Plan B & C are also developed and can be put into motion without stress or disruption (and no compromise on the experience).

 4. Day Creators, Not Just Documenters

Think of your photographer as a co-creator of your day. They’re there to help bring your vision to life, suggesting activities and moments that reflect your personalities. It’s not just about pretty pictures; it’s about an experience that screams ‘you’.

 5. Master of Ceremonies and Tour Guide

Lost in the wilderness of elopement planning? Let my team and I guide you through the wild! We wear many hats – sometimes literally – doubling as a master of ceremonies and tour guide. We are there to navigate, coordinate, and ensure everything runs as smoothly as your favorite playlist.

Wedding clients typically hire a coordinator for the day of their weddings. Because elopements are small, intimate and just as action packed, having someone keep you present and enjoying yourselves all while keeping the flow of the day going is really important. Spontaneity is fabulous, but making sure you get to experience a really epic day requires some form of structure and guidance. Count on my team to help be the Master of Ceremonies, working alongside other vendors and timelines.

 6. More Than a Wedding Photographer

Here’s the scoop: an elopement photographer is a different breed from your regular wedding photographer. They’re adventurers at heart, ready to hike up a mountain or wade through a stream for that perfect shot. I specialize in intimate moments and epic landscapes, capturing the essence of your adventurous spirit. From cities to national parks to far off lands, my team lives for small and grande moments. With timeline development, we have creativity stemming from diverse locations and the ability to focus on you as a couple. The diverse locations offer the ability to tell a story in micro and macro photos (from just a photo of hands and detailed shots, to a grand photo taking in the environment).

 7. Vendor Vanguards

And it’s not just about the photos! Deco Reverie Studios is also your link to other amazing vendors. Need a florist who can handle a mountaintop ceremony? Or a caterer who’s cool with a beachside picnic? We’ve got the connections to hook you up with the best in the biz, making your day as seamless as it is spectacular.

99% of our elopement couples are destination clients. Some may be familiar with the location of where they are about to tie the knot, but other’s are totally in it for the trip of a lifetime. With vendor connections nationally and internationally, we have the details and the research covered – putting time and extreme effort back into your court.

 In Conclusion

Choosing an elopement photographer is like picking your adventure partner – we are there to support, guide, and hype you up every step of the way. We are the secret ingredient to making your elopement not just a day to remember, but an experience that’s as unique and vibrant as your love. So, get ready to embark on this wild ride with your photographer by your side, and let’s create some magic!

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