Hello my newly engaged person!

You may be starting to narrow down your wedding date. You may be 6 months out from your wedding day and missing a professional service provider (wedding vendor). Have no fear – Renee, your friendly and helpful wedding photographer has the answers to when you should consider booking your wedding vendor team:

  • Research the vendors and services you want to have at your wedding. Notice how I didn’t say “Set your budget”?

Figuring out what the average cost, or what to expect for costs of services or goods is really important. Not only on learning what your budget should be, but also figuring out who is going to be the best fit for your event.

  • Now, set your budget and expectation of the level of quality you’ll need to deliver the best wedding possible in your and your guests eyes.
  • The first person you should book – is the wedding planner (if you are going to work with a planner). There is a difference between a wedding planner and a day of coordinator (we can get into that later).
  • Book the venue – solidify that date of your wedding within a year of your event if you can. This also depends on how large your event will be. Luxury clients tend to book everything in a 3-6 month window from the date. Elopement couples also sit within that time frame.
  • Book your Photographer (Moi) and videographer (my team). Typically creative partners book a 9-12 months in advance.
  • Your DJ – sweet, baby child (that’s you)… Please understand that a DJ will be a vital partner of the wedding day. this individual holds the very heartbeat of your wedding. An amazing DJ keeps the flow, energy and party going of your event. They truly are the MC. A Spotify playlist is not going to save you if the guests are loosing that loving feeling.
  • Your officiant should be booked alongside the creative team. This person falls into the same importance of the DJ – if you desire emotion, romance, story telling and more, get yourself an amazing MC of your ceremony. I can make recommendations to many who are just epic.
  • Your florist – usually during a busy year, this vendor will book 6-12 months out from a larger event. Real flowers have movement, drama and energy. Yes, Energy. They photograph better. They have stunning texture and an element of luxury and romance. Dare I say, I love the specialness of real flowers in a photo. you can absolutely tell if flowers are fake in photos.
  • Buy your attire – dresses during 2021 took 7-9 month from order to delivery. Covid did hurt the turn around time. Still, expect that outfits will take 7+ months to appear for your fitting.
  • Save the dates & Invites (this is in the same vein of when to take engagement photos). Sending save the dates 6 months out is great. Destination weddings, you’ll be better off if you send them out 9 months ahead of time for people to budget. 3 months out from the wedding is typical for the wedding invites.
  • Day of coordnator – 6 to 12 months. You most likely will not work directly with this person until a few months out from your wedding day. They are there primarily for your wedding set up, during and clean up roles. The unsung heroes.
  • Makeup and Hair services- booking around the same time as when you find your date helps. Typically beauty service providers have multiple staff and events in a day. Making sure you have priority for larger parties or special accommodations is important.

If your timeline is shorter – you still will find vendors available. Don’t panic! It may take longer to find the right fit. Ask your vendors who they have worked with and who they would recommend if you are having issues sourcing. Monitor and limit DIY services if you can. I know everyone is on a budget, but know the more you take on during your wedding planning and day off, the more time that’s taken away from you bring present.

Have more questions? Happy to connect!



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