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Firstly – what is a bridal portrait photography session?

Great question – It’s kicking off one of the most special times in your life. Bridal portraits offer a few key things to couple’s and individuals during the planning process space. Individually or combined, couples schedule time with their photographer either in studio, at their future venue or on an adventure. What makes it a bridal portrait session?

Couples schedule either before or after their wedding dates. This allows for them to have a controlled environment, honor traditional portrait styles or create their own story telling style through eclectic planning.

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The Practical and Artistic Value of Bridal Portraits

As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen how bridal portraits can significantly enhance the wedding experience. Here’s a straightforward look at why they’re so valuable:

1. Creative Freedom

Bridal portrait sessions allow for more creativity than the wedding day. We can use different locations and styles that might not be possible on the actual day, leading to unique and personalized photos.

Couple's portraits taken in a vintage car. Couple is posing for bridal portraits.

2. Stress-Free Environment

These sessions provide a calm setting for the bride, away from the hectic pace of wedding planning. It’s a chance to focus solely on her and capture her in a relaxed state.

3. Easing the Wedding Day Timeline

Having bridal portraits done in advance takes one big task off the list for the wedding day. This means less rushing and more time to enjoy the day.

4. Location Flexibility

Unlike the wedding day, where you’re limited to specific venues, bridal portraits can be taken anywhere. This opens up a lot of possibilities for unique photos.

5. Detailed Focus on the Bride

This session is all about the bride and her dress, allowing us to capture details that might get overlooked in the busyness of the wedding day.

Couple dressing in their wedding clothing posing for bridal portraits. Vermont couples. Stick season in Vermont.

6. Trial Run for the Wedding Look

Bridal portraits can coincide with a hair and makeup trial, giving the bride a chance to see her complete look and make any necessary adjustments before the wedding.

7. Creating Lasting Memories

These portraits become keepsakes, capturing a moment in time that will be looked back on for years.

Couple kissing in vintage car on their wedding night. Barre, Vermont. Fall weddings. Winter weddings.

8. Building Confidence in Front of the Camera

Spending time in front of the camera during a bridal session helps the bride feel more comfortable on the wedding day, leading to more natural photos.

9. A Moment to Pause

The session is a chance for the bride to take a moment for herself before the big day, reflecting on the journey ahead.

In short, bridal portraits are not just about getting additional photos; they’re about creating a relaxed space for artistic expression, easing the wedding day’s stress, and capturing detailed and personal memories. As a photographer, I find these sessions invaluable for both the quality of photos and the experience they provide for the bride.

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