How do you hike in a wedding dress and other questions couples have when eloping in Vermont







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Eloping in Vermont: How to Hike in a Wedding Dress

If you’re planning to hike on your big day, especially in a wedding dress, here are some tips and trail suggestions to make your adventure seamless and memorable.

Choosing the Right Trail

When eloping in Vermont, you want to find trails that are easy to navigate yet offer breathtaking views. Here are a couple of options that tick both boxes:

  1. Moss Glen Falls Trail, Stowe – This is a relatively short and easy hike, leading to a stunning waterfall. The trail is well-maintained, making it suitable for a bride in a wedding dress and offers a fantastic backdrop for wedding photos.
  2. Sunset Ridge Trail, Underhill – For those who want mountain views, Sunset Ridge Trail on Mount Mansfield is perfect. It’s a bit longer but still manageable, with panoramic views that are worth the effort. The trail provides several spots where you can take a break and enjoy the scenery.
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Tips for Hiking in a Wedding Dress

  • Choose a Practical Dress: Opt for a lighter, more manageable dress that allows for easy movement. Consider a shorter train or a bustle option to keep the fabric off the ground. Some couples choose to hike to the top or where they want to take photos and then change into their wedding attire. Some couples actually drive to the top of mountains, and hike down or around the summit for ideal photos and skip hiking all together. It’s really about what experience you want to have, with the lesser of the stressors.
  • Footwear Matters: Wear comfortable hiking boots or shoes and consider switching to your wedding shoes once you reach your scenic spot. My favorite pair is linked here (Keens brand). Wear wool socks too- this will help keep your feet comfortable in all weather.
  • Pack Essentials: Bring a small backpack with water, snacks, a mini first-aid kit, and any makeup for touch-ups.
  • Weather in the mountains can change quickly (depending on time of year). Make sure to check the weather forecast the day before and the morning of. Pack a jacket and sunscreen too.

Elopement Essentials

  • Portable Changing Tent: For changing in and out of your wedding attire without sacrificing privacy. This is something I keep in my truck for clients – link here
  • Waterproof Garment Bag: Protect your dress during the hike, especially if you encounter mud or water. I have always liked this one specifically – just the cheaper price point and it gets the job done.

Eloping in Vermont and hiking in a wedding dress can be a magical experience with a bit of planning. By choosing the right trail and preparing properly, you’ll create a day that’s as adventurous as it is romantic. So, lace up your boots, say “I do” to nature, and start your forever in the heart of the Green Mountains.

Places to check out hiking gear:

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