Alicia and Freeman married on Friday, May 12, 2023 in South Burlington, Vermont







Alicia and Freeman married on Friday, May 12th. This is such a great time of year to kick off wedding season 2023! 

Their wedding was hosted by The Delta by Marriot (South Burlington, VT). It was a classic wedding, focusing on family and friends and sharing the couple’s love story. I like to describe Alicia and Freeman as the “Power Couple”, because they always are hard at work, making their dreams come true for their home and wellbeing. 

The bride had amazing florals, traditional ballgown with beading and lace details that only brought out her amazing smile and beautiful eyes. 

Freeman was decked in a traditional tux that made him look like a Vermont James Bond. I love a traditional tux in the age of extreme textures and colors. Sometimes a black tux will be the only thing that will do. 

The couple’s colors complimented the traditional spring florals – navy blue and classic ivory.

The DJ played pop music from several decades and the guests danced like they were on “Dancing with the stars”. Alicia and Freeman worked their butts off to make their guests feel welcome and the word “FUN” was always on their agenda. 

What I loved most about this couple is their laid back energy and the focus they had on just enjoying the day. The wedding coordinator laughed and say “I think I am more stressed than the bride is”. 

The traditional buffet dinner was wonderful and the apple crisp along side their traditional wedding cake was a great comfort food and fantastic surprise <3 

The makeup and hair was done by: Beauty Art by Natalia, Based out of St. Johnsbury, VT. 

Working with this couple only brought a smile to my face the entire day – they love each other so much and are truly headed for a beautiful life of humor and goals met. It was a great day celebrating with their loved ones – to many more happy years as a power couple!