So you’re planning a wedding! Yay and OMG! Buckle up – it’s going to be amazing!

Some handy things to remember that will make you fall in love with your vendors during the search for the perfect creative and supportive partners during your journey. 

Before starting your searches for vendors, sorting out your style, guest count and wait are the most important details to you. This could be what kind of vibe, atmosphere, time of year, etc. Then, set your total budget. 

It’s time to google. Find out what your state & town average for services or vendors are. Understand that with experience and style types, to add $ to that idea. If you are in a busy town or city, vendors will be more expensive with the demand and competition. If you are out in rural Vermont (raises my hand), prices will still be according to qualifications, style and time & talent. 

Join the Knot, Wedding Wire and Zola. Ask friends in the area what they did. Get recommendations. Join wedding Facebook groups. Now, look at websites, galleries, menus, reviews, etc. 

We all have social media accounts. I myself look at social media groups to advertise and connect with couples for my photography business. It’s a great way to find out who is out there. That being said, when engaging on social media in search of vendors, please consider the following:

– Budgets are important to have, however, it’s not something to lead with when searching for a vendor. I say this because price first will lead you and your partner to booking vendors who you may not vibe with on a creative level or achieve the needs you may have in mind. 

From a vendor perspective, there is nothing worse than being considered for your pricing vs. what you bring to the table with services, talent or esthetic. Clients are not well served when booking price over style. Photographers all have their own style, services and energy. You want to not only get along with yo

Learning about vendors is doing your homework and not leading with checking a box within a budget window. We are not clicking a button and taking a selfie. This example could translate to all of your wedding vendors. From years of experience, education investments, equipment, time, travel, etc. understand where the industry average is in your area.

– From a photographer and creative partner stance, when clients connect and are on a very strict budget, I love walking clients through the value of my services and helping them decide if I am the right creative partner for their vision. 

Talk with wedding vendors to better understand the budget of what you’re wanting to achieve. Have realistic expectations. Understand what you purchase for your wedding is 90% disposable or temporary. From a Photography perspective, photos and videography are an investment that represents memories of your wedding for generations to come. 

I always say focus on experience and things that will last generationally (The wardrobe, Photos, Guest book, and memories). Your guests will remember how they felt, not what the table decor looked like. 

– If you can’t swing it, THAT’S OK! You will find what you need with some homework. The Golden Rule: please be kind on social media. I have witnessed many couples or individuals commenting their opinions on price of vendors. Talk with other couples and ask advice from the industry with kindness. As a community, we first and foremost love people, love your story and love your wedding plans. 

– Your budget is not going to stop you from having an amazing wedding – so make sure to do your homework. The comfort know that 99% of couples have never planned a large event before their wedding makes it even more important to seek and book wedding vendors who hold your hand, wish you success and invest in your love story. 

Here to help and to show you love, 



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